Wars and currency collapse will get brutal

Wars and currency collapse will get brutal

King World News interview January 12, 2015


In this week’s KWN interview Egon von Greyerz talks about the two trends that are guaranteed to create major problems for the world namely wars, social unrest as well as continued debasement of all currencies.

Egon also discusses the turn in all stock markets that started at the beginning of 2016 with China down over 14% and most other markets down 6- 10%. He says that coming years will be brutal and that we are now seeing a resumption of the 2008 downtrend that eventually will lead to 90% falls in markets.

Egon also talks about gold being the strongest performing asset this century in spite of the last few years’ correction. He sees stock markets falling another 95% against gold in coming years.

Finally Egon covers the physical gold market with dwindling stocks in Comex and Bullion Banks combined with massive uncovered paper claims in gold.

Click on this link to read an extract from the interview and to listen to the audio

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