Unique Safety

Unique Safety

GoldSwitzerland offers unique and ultimate safety by enabling investors to purchase and store gold & silver bars within bullion vaults in Zurich with total control over and personal access to their precious metals.

  • When you buy gold from GoldSwitzerland you receive the highest quality of gold (999.9 or 99.99% purity for 1 kilo and 100gr bars). 400oz bars are London Good Delivery.
  • Your gold is stored outside the banking system, outside of the Eurozone or a USDollar zone, allocated and segregated in your name.
  • One of the locations is within the compound of and underneath Zurich Airport.
  • The other specialized vault location is for UHNW individuals and sovereign wealth funds. This location is entirely self supporting for electricity, oxygen and water supply.
  • You own actual physical gold bars which are registered in your name, not an allocated fraction of a gold bar as with with other companies.
  • The gold is insured by a major international insurance company.
  • You are issued a signed Certificate of Ownership / Warehouse Receipt with the specific weights and serial numbers of your gold bars.
  • You (or a representative authorised by you) can inspect your gold, normally during office hours, by appointment. As this requires assistance from security staff a small fee will be charged by the vault for this service.
  • You can collect your gold from the vaults if you so wish.
  • In case of a disruption in the financial system, you have gold which is safely stored and which you can readily access yourself.

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