Time to get out of the system is running out

KWN Weekly Interview Febr 24, 2014

We will have bail-ins worldwide, myRAs in the US, Australian pension to be used for Government finances and also in the US, the regulator will start to control foreign banks from 2016. But that is only the beginning of governments’ increasing interference and confiscation of individuals’ savings.

As deflation takes a further hold of Western and Eastern economies, the G20 leaders have just announced a $2 trillion package to stimulate the world economy. Where is the money coming from. Well that is obvious, from money printing by the ECB, Fed, BoJ etc. But $2 trillion is just a drop in the $250 trillion ocean of existing debt and $1.4 quadrillion of worthless derivatives. There will be $100s of trillions of QE required to “save” the world leading to a hyperinflationary depression.

Gold is the wise man’s money and gold has long known that hyperinflation is coming. Gold is now starting its rise to $2,000+ in 2014 as the dollar races down to its intrinsic value. There is still time to leave the system but that window is closing fast.

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Egon von Greyerz

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