Best Ways to store Silver & Gold

The Four Best Ways to Store Your Physical Silver

April 1, 2011 | Matt Insley
The police are at your door.
They’re insisting to come in and ask you some questions about a local crime. You let them in. You’re not worried. Clearly this crime doesn’t have anything to do with you — and why not help the officers out? Once inside it becomes very apparent that these are NOT police officers — sh*t — and within a nano-second you’ve got a knife to your throat — double sh*t. As your life flashes by you realize these crooks are after one thing: your silver. 

If this story sounds far-fetched, it’s not. This is precisely what happened earlier this year to a 52-year old man in Canada. And the pseudo-police that entered his house made off with over $750,000 in silver bullion.

“Who were these guys? Where’d they take the silver? And how the heck did they know the silver was there in the first place?” These are all great questions. But frankly the answers may never be known.

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At GoldSwitzerland we are flattered with this surprise article by Matt Insley of Agora and editor of the  who has come to the conclusion that safety in wealth management is of primary importance and does not need to be expensive either.
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