“Don’t tell me what to buy, but tell me when to buy”!

Back in 2002 we told investors to buy physical gold for up to 50% of their liquid assets. Since then gold is up between 220% and 280% depending on base currency.

Thus it was very clear to us back then what the effect of the disastrous mismanagement of the world economy would be. But it is even clearer what will happen next. We are now going into the phase of recognition. This is the phase when the world at large is slowly waking up to the fact that printing unlimited amounts of money will make many currencies – and in particular the US dollar – worthless. We have repeatedly stated that you cannot solve a problem by making it bigger – i.e. to print colossal amounts of dollars, pounds etc. will only add fuel to the fire and exacerbate the already insoluble credit/derivative bubble.

So we already told investors what to buy years ago. Now as we are approaching the point of recognition when investors are starting to wake up to the fact that they need to protect themselves. Gold is the only currency and asset which will give protection against collapsing currencies and assets. Within the next two months the investment world will wake up to this fact and gold is going to exceed $ 1,000 and never look back.

Right now is likely to be the last chance to buy gold under $ 1,000. We expect gold to go up quickly in the next few months and never look back. So today is probably the last chance to buy gold under $ 1,000 for many years and maybe for ever. But remember that for wealth preservation purposes it must be physical gold in your own possession and stored safely outside the banking system.

There will be more in Matterhorn Asset Management’s June Newsletter to be published next week.


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