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Institutional investors – Physical Gold or ETF?

MAM offers institutional investors the facility to buy physical gold bars and store them outside the banking system at a cost comparable to investing through a gold ETF.
The typical method for investing in physical gold for institutions would be via gold ETFs. But an ETF is a paper investment in gold and does not give direct physical ownership. Through MAM’s Precious Metals Division – GoldSwitzerland – institutional investors can acquire gold bars in their own name which are stored in private vaults in Switzerland, outside the banking system. The investor owns the individual bars directly in their name with serial numbers, weight and purity. The appointed officers of the institution or their accountants have access to inspect the Gold. There is instant liquidity and MAM will buy sell or transfer the bars at the request of the investor. The cost for buying, storing and insuring the physical gold bars is comparable to the cost of buying “paper gold” through an ETF.

Secure communication

MAM offers clients 100% secure and encrypted communication facilities and 24/7 secure private database access to portfolio valuation and transaction data.

In a recent study for the World Gold Council by New Frontier Advisors in Boston, it was concluded that gold has a strategic diversifying role in institutional portfolios. This role can be compared to assets such as small caps emerging markets over the long term. More importantly, gold is not a substitute for other assets, but seems to add significant diversifying power due to its low or negative correlation with most asset classes in an optimised portfolio content.

The Institutional Investor & Gold

Only 1% of world financial assets are invested in gold currently. It is quite remarkable that an investment class which has gone up almost 7 times in the last 10 years and still very few investors own it. Institutional investors have virtually no exposure to gold today. However, as the destruction of paper money accelerates and gold continues to appreciate, institutional investors will allocate a percentage of their assets to gold. This is likely to be the case, not only because institutional stakeholders will expect it, but also because gold represents an insurance against systemic risk as well as against hyperinflation. To have up to 5% in physical gold could be a very cheap insurance in case of a major decline in value of conventional asset classes such as stocks, bonds and real estate.

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A competitive offer for Institutional Investors

Institutional Funds can click the Contact button that will lead them directly, via one form, to the application requirements and service agreement. Matterhorn Asset Management will offer institutional investors a cost plus basis that will meet the industry standard and will match the cost of an ETF which offers no real security. Ownership of physical precious metals will be under the client’s total control in a very safe location.
Please contact Matterhorn Asset Management and we shall be happy to meet you in Zurich and introduce you to the vault facilities.