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Account Application for Private Companies (not Exchange listed)

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Postal address: Matterhorn Asset Management AG, Bahnhofstrasse 28A, CH 8001 ZURICH, Switzerland
Tel: +41 44 213 62 45 – Fax: +41 43 456 97 11

All documents (except the Web Form below) must be received by
hand or post at Matterhorn Asset Management, Zurich.

For security reasons MAM recommends courier, special or recorded delivery post.

Please first proceed with Step1 below and then Step2

Step1 - Secure Corporate Application Form (click to open)

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Note: The Company name must show at the top of the Precious Metals Agreement and Form A (Declaration of Identity / Beneficial owners). The names of Beneficial owner(s) must also appear in the middle section of Form A
  1. The Precious Metals Agreement (PMA) (to be returned in duplicate)
    Please download, print, date and sign our Management Agreement – Click Here to download the PMA
  2. Declaration of identity (Form A) (to be returned in duplicate)
    Please download, print and sign our Declaration Form A – Click Here to download Form A
  3. A copy of the company’s most recent and audited accounts (unless this is not legally required in this jurisdisction)
  4. certified and complete copy of the company’s certificate of incorporation (if older than one year please provide a current extract from the Register of Commerce)
  5. A certified and complete copy of the company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association (not older than 12 months).
    If the Company’s Memorandum or Articles of Association are older than 1 year, please provide documents proving that company is still in existence: Minutes of the meeting of Board of Directors or Tax declaration no older than one year might be sufficient
  6. Certificate of Good Standing confirming that the company is still in existence, not older than one year
  7. A Formal Letter of authorization by the Board of Directors of the company that the account with MAM can be opened and operated independently by at least two appointed individuals. A maximum limit may be set above which 2 signatures are required
  8. A notarised or otherwise formally worded certified colour copy of an acceptable identity card including Photo ID for each of the two signatories, i.e Passport or National identity card. USA and Canadian citizens can also provide a driver’s license in case they do not possess a passport or identity card. Period of validity and the certification date MUST be visible on the certified ID copy. The certification date must be not be older than three months..
    – Verified identifications must be provided for Directors, Signatories and Beneficial owner(s)
  9. Address and telephone number of the certifying person (notary, lawyer, banker, accountant)
  10. Please Download, Print and Include the Checklist for all documentation to be posted – Click Here to download
Note: Clients become members of our secure collaboration platform upon receipt of the Step1 form. To speed up this Step2 process the account representative can initially scan and easily upload documents to a private folder on this browser based platform. If uploading or mailing scanned images please always use the .JPG format

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